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Love E/C forever!!

 eversence i saw the the phantom of the opera movie 5 years ago I fell in Love with Erik/ Christine i always hated the fact she left with that fop!!

I really think christine should have picked Erik at the end, because he his handsome, brave, and she could be free to love him.. forever.. and besides all that when erik died christine could have been his sucessor!! I have written a story about how christine comes back to the lair.. But erik has passed on, and he has left a secret behind.. he saved Three orphaned children.. Annette, David, Julian.. erik tought them the secrets of the opera house. all three of the children come back to prepair erik's body and to have christine become the heir of the opera house.. christine has excepted the offer, now all they have to do is to repair the opera house... But raoul comes back to paris on some business in England.. how will he take the news that christine is not in the house?

The Children of the story

David : Black hair ,very tall, and he falls in love with Christine.. *David becomes the new Phantom*  age 15.

Annette : Red hair, middle waight, and is the youngest of the siblings.. age 10.

Julian: yellow hair tall, and he is the guardian of the siblings. 13.

if any one has some advice on how i can improve on this story let me know!!

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