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Erik & Christine Fans

For the fans who feel that Christine should have chosen Erik instead of Raoul

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This Community is open to any and all Phantom of the Opera fans (or phans, as some like to be called) who feel that Erik (The Phantom) and Christine belong together. Be sure to read through the Guidelines below before you post.


You can discuss and share anything you like about Erik and Christine, as long as it's in support of their union, not against it, and we don't want to see any posts like "OMG Gerry Butler is so hot!!!" In other words, exercise maturity when you post here.

Keep in mind that everyone must be courteous to the other members, and any offensive posts will be deleted and the user banned from the Community.

Whether you're an Erik & Christine fan through any version of the musicals, movies or books, you are welcome here.

Advertising other Communities isn't allowed. You can do that in your own Journal.

If you have icons, wallpapers, requests, etc., to share, the bulk must be Phantom related.

We thought this would be a given, but apparently needs to be said: No swearing. The context it would be used in, is irrelevant, it's not allowed in any way. Any posts containing swear words, will be deleted. Repeat offenders will be removed from the community.

If you disagree with another members' opinion, that's fine, but everyone is entitled to their own.

For those familiar only with the 2004 movie, the name of the Phantom was given by Gaston Leroux in the original novel, which is why he is called Erik. We encourage those unfamiliar with anything beyond the movie to read the original story, as well as Phantom by Susan Kay.

If you have Erik/Christine Fanfic, feel free to post it, but put the story under a cut.

If your posting privileges have been removed, you can contact us at erikchristine[@]gmail.com to inquire about the reason(s).

We opened on Christmas Eve, 2004, and we hope to see the Community continue to grow and show our support for Erik and Christine!

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